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14 hours ago

I still don’t get those Alonso-McLaren-2015 rumours…

In my honest opinion: that dickhead is noone. He won two titles when he had a good car, big deal… He didn’t do anything since then, he can only cry and complaining that his car is a piece of shit. I find the fact that many people compare him to Senna VERY revolting. Senna was a real legend, pure talent while Alonso is nothing but a spineless worm.

I have no clue why McLaren would want that jerk back when they have a Kevin Magnussen, a Stoffel Vandoorne and a Nyck de Vries. These talented young guys are the future. And tbh, McLaren needs future because their present is seriously fucked up.


2 days ago | 4 notes

To see Kevin again was great. He wasn’t as easygoing as he was a year ago (he actually seemed a bit tensed, even on Thursday) but he still looks so freaking good. :3

2 weeks ago | 7 notes

August 14th, please, hurry up…
Q&A with Kev *.*

3 weeks ago | 39 notes

I really wonder if/when I’m going to get over this crush.


I really wonder if/when I’m going to get over this crush.

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3 weeks ago | 111 notes

Official: Kevin is the most adorable little dork in the paddock.

How cute is he?
How cute is it?!


3 weeks ago | 20 notes


what is he shaving…?


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3 weeks ago | 20 notes


Is this for a Danish commercial?

I guess they’ll use it in the UK… Kev tweeted about the shoot a few weeks ago but he didn’t mention that.

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