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Favorite drivers:
Kevin Magnussen
Sebastian Vettel
Kimi Räikkönen
Nico Hülkenberg
Nyck de Vries
Stoffel Vandoorne
Richie Stanaway
Jules Bianchi
Kevin Korjus
António Félix da Costa
Albert Costa
Pierre Gasly
... and many others. :D

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And if you're down and you feel you need someone, I'm here. Seriously. Just talk to me. Anytime. <3 :)

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August 14th, please, hurry up…
Q&A with Kev *.*

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I really wonder if/when I’m going to get over this crush.


I really wonder if/when I’m going to get over this crush.

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Official: Kevin is the most adorable little dork in the paddock.

How cute is he?
How cute is it?!


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what is he shaving…?


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Is this for a Danish commercial?

I guess they’ll use it in the UK… Kev tweeted about the shoot a few weeks ago but he didn’t mention that.

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2 weeks ago

another weird post

I was tagged by k-magnussen

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